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Changing the Narrative


Mission Statement


To provide spaces for creative expression, narrating experiences of those from underrepresented and marginalised groups, particularly young people and those from Black and Minority Ethnic communities, with the broader intention of leaving an imprint of legacies within UK literature.

The Popcorn House Documentary:
Hear directly from our aspiring young authors, their parents and our amazing Workshop Facilitators.

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The 'Look Like Me Book Challenge' C.I.C. exists to

counteract the underrepresented BAME main

characters within children’s literature in the UK.

We want to inform, educate and emphasize the

importance of diversity and inclusivity for a positive

identity for children, globally.


Currently, only 10% of black and brown faces appear as main characters in children’s stories, compared to the 33.5% of BAME school children, in schools across the UK. This huge disparity is what we are campaigning to change, based upon the premise that children cannot be what they do not see.


We aim to leave a legacy imprint within literature from the BAME

community perspective, with a particular focus on enhancing the literacy storytelling skills of young people and women. We want to create and promote positive content that is reflective of the

multi-culturalist society that we live in.


The Popcorn House is the first number 1 bestselling book to launch from our cohort of young budding authors, aged 7 – 12 years old. We are currently working with our older cohort of 13 - 18 years old, who are breaking the boundaries of representation. We are sure you agree this is a fantastic accomplishment for them all and would appreciate your continued support for our growth.

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