Looking for an engaging storybook to teach the principles of teamwork which is about two Black superheroes? This is it! In ‘The Popcorn House’ cousin’s Zion and Nevaeh enter into a magical world called ‘Kalaria’ after getting into trouble. During their stay, they gain superpowers and have to find a way back to their grandparents’ home on planet earth. Throughout this engaging rhyming story, children will learn about the importance of solving problems and how to be inclusive of differences. But what happens when the K-bots come to destroy this superhero adventure? How will this mythical story finish? By the end of the book, children will understand how to work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal. This book has been created by Black children authors age 7 -12 years old. 

Coming Soon!

final front cover of The Rise of The K-bots.jpg