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Meet our Young Ambassador

Chideraá Onunekwu

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My name is Chideraá Onunekwu. I am a 15 year-old boy, and a Young Ambassador for the LookLikeMeBookChallenge. I have never been to school so being home-educated has opened the world to me, teaching me how to interact comfortably with people of all ages, and at various levels in society. My life has also provided me with lots of opportunities like the LookLikeMeBookChallenge, which I absolutely love being a part of.


I have a good imagination, love reading, meeting new people and discovering places. I am passionate about community and would love to see more boys like me passionate about books, some written by me! I am currently studying for my GCSEs in Maths, English, Japanese and Business, as my goal is to own my own companies and continue travelling the world. For that reason, I plan to study Law and Business at Uni so I know how to keep my money when I make it!


I currently attend a Junior Lawyers Club, which I enjoy, and which is helping me on that track.  I also love music; I am working on my beat production company and collaborating with fellow producers, some of whom I have never met.

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