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Meet our Young Ambassador

Tiahni Dayes


My name is Tiahni, I’m 19 and I love all things creative, from poetry to music and dance. I grew up doing performing arts, among other things, and for the past 3 years, I’ve focused my creativity towards illustration. Before starting my degree in Illustration, I had the opportunity to work with Winsome for the LookLikeMeBookChallenge, producing art pieces for some of the leaflets.

It wasn’t until I attended an open mic event, when I really felt and saw first hand the amount of passion, talent and potential that the children had, and how supportive and uplifting the adults around them were - which made me want to join the team as an Ambassador. As someone who was creatively driven as a child, dancing, singing, acting in productions, writing and performing my own poetry, I saw myself in the young people and I want to be one of the adults in their life who keep their light burning throughout their creative journeys.

As an artist, I have been able to gain experience through commissions, becoming a published illustrator. I illustrated the cover of “Rising to the Morning Dew” by Winston F Smith and fully illustrated “Taking the Next Step” by Toni Belle. My most rewarding illustrations have been those aimed at representing the diversities of children and young people, inspiring and encouraging them. Naturally, the LookLikeMeBookChallenge draws me in as that is the whole mission of the organisation. I am honoured to have been asked to illustrate the cover of the forthcoming “Raised Voices” Anthology. I want to continue to grow my career as an illustrator and to keep producing art that sparks passion and boosts the creativity of the young people within our community. 

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