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Meet our Young Ambassador

Kande S. Summers

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Kande S. Summers is a published Child Author who began writing creatively in 2019. It all started when, Kande’s parents noticed that writing was one of her weaknesses, as it was something that she would make every effort to avoid. She was encouraged to enter a creative writing competition in 2019, and to her own surprise, she won first prize.

The highlight of her progress and development to date came upon the publication of her first novel, called Going Home: Diary of a Teenage Alien. Her book is written through the adolescent lens of its protagonist, Lizzy, who provides a dystopian yet explorative perspective on how to adapt to environmental changes on earth following an incident that took place on their planet Elista. The book appeals to readers in the age group of 10 - 14 years-old as well as young adults alike. She has since gone on to publish two further books in 2022. Namely, The Lost Destiny and Nala’s Story, both of which are available on Amazon.

Kande is an award-winning author and the first ever recipient of the 'Dubai Black Excellence Youth Award' in 2021 for outstanding achievement and the prominent role she played in her cultural work. The acclaimed author is a fantasy writer who likes to write about fiction because of her journey and fascination with space.

The book was launched at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2020 and was then exhibited at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2021, in the United Arab Emirates, where she signed copies of her book. The Arabic translation was launched at Cairo International Book Fair 2021 in Egypt.

Kande has shown the spotlight upon African authors, on a global stage through her literary work, by the remarkable achievement as the youngest black author aged 14 to have her book showcased among 15 million other books and thousands of authors at the 40th staging of the Sharjah International Book 2021.  In a story of resilience and determination for the second time around Kande is inspiring confidence, motivating others, and transforming how to identify oneself and show up in the world, especially as young girls.

Since then, Kande has participated and collaborated in several events and initiatives like the World Expo Dubai, Jamaica pavilion and the All-Africa Literary Festival in Dubai. She read her books, signed copies, as well as discussed, her creative process and journey in becoming a published author at age 12.

Kande made waves as the youngest of all the Flag Bearers which included company CEOs and executives at the Global Goals Show opening ceremony at World Expo Dubai, ongoing Sustainable Development Goals Week. Expo 2020 Dubai is observing a Global Goals Week bringing the world together to drive collective progress towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better and more equitable future for all by 2030.

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