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Meet our Trustee

Obi Okereke

Obi Okereke.jpg

I’m Obi and honoured to sit on the advisory board of the Look Like Me Book Challenge. I am a strategic thinker and operations professional who advises start-ups and pre-seed organisations on business strategy and driving commercial value. I have worked as a Senior Operations Manager for a tech quick commerce company and previously worked for Amazon with roles including UK Project Manager and Operations Manager. Outside of my professional career, in education, I studied international Economics & Trade at Coventry University then continued to study MSc Management at Loughborough University.


I am also the founder of the ‘Grey Area Foundation’ which is a foundation that helps engage young students from under-represented backgrounds in the areas that aren’t the big cities, to help bridge the representation and opportunity gap. This work allows me to work with young students, hear their stories, and share my own to help young students not feel alienated and distant from opportunities.

My involvement with young children also spans from my experience as a mentor and tutor. As a mentor, I have had the privilege to work and guide young children to help them navigate those hard life choices and moments. I’m glad that I keep in touch with my mentees, and some have transitioned into higher education. As a tutor, I taught Business Studies, English and Economics at GCSE and A Level to help guide those students into academic excellence. I believe in developing young children and breathing life into them as they will be our teachers in the future. Young children are energetic and full of creative ideas and If we can harness and help mould that, the future will be an exciting place. I aim to use my lived experience and youth to relate and help guide young children through the maze of life so they can live out their potential and be awesome, as I believe we all are.  

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